Did you know there’s a Prime-approved warehouse right here in Lancaster County? 

That’s us! We are a small business locally owned & operated since 2012. We ship to Amazon FBA warehouses and fulfill orders to Prime customers daily. If you need help with any e-commerce order fulfillment (not just Amazon!), or are wondering how to make e-commerce work for your business, feel free to reach out.

Helping brands sell on Amazon.

We believe in your products.

Your business provides one-of-a-kind value to your customers. You’ve helped them. You’ve made their lives easier, more fun, more exciting, more beautiful.

Known for their obsession with customer satisfaction, Amazon has proven how important it is to listen to customers, to treat them well, to cultivate a customer-centric mindset.  After all, customers are the very life blood of business.

The only true way to build a long-term successful business is through continuing to build strong relationships. With your customers and other businesses.

And yes, with Amazon.

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As a small business in Lancaster County, PA, our passion is helping other businesses connect with Amazon. The opportunities could not be better. And teamwork is the best way to make it better for all of us. After all, we’re all in this together. 

Every brand can benefit from Amazon.

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“As a brand we were looking to reach more customers through Amazon and have been delighted with the strategy, support and growth as we continue our work with Christine’s team and her partners. As a busy manufacturer and small business owner, having the expertise and support of Beech Tree Trading as our single authorized seller on Amazon has been exactly what we needed to manage this additional responsibility.”

– Dan Fisher/owner of Marilyn Faye’s

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