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Here is the team that is Beech Tree Trading. We are friends. We are family. As we continue to grow this company from the ground up, our goals include working efficiently, working together, and most importantly: having lots of fun along the way.


Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.

– Randy Pausch


Christine Gable


Not only is it fun to discover new products, I love connecting with the people behind those products. One of the most exciting aspects of my work is launching a fabulous new product and watching sales sky rocket. When I established the company in 2012 it was a one-woman operation — I still wear quite a few hats but we’ve seen so much growth that I could no longer do it all without each person here. I feel fortunate to have a fabulous team that is committed to our customers and our continued growth and success. My favorite food is Mediterranean cuisine and I love riding bike and exploring new areas. I recently enjoyed reading How to Pack – Travel Smart for Any Trip by Hitha Palepu.


Adrian Gable


I joined Beech Tree Trading in 2014 and currently hold the position of driver and packager. I also worked on designing and building our original packaging areas and do repair and maintenance on our truck and forklift. I love the flexibility of my job and being paid well. My favorite food is pizza, I enjoy working on cars in my free time, and I recently enjoyed the show “Shameless.”


Jacqueline Gable


I joined Beech Tree Trading in 2015 and currently hold the position of packager/shift manager. In addition, I do regular inventory reconciliations and I also worked on streamlining our barcode labeling system. One of the aspects I like most about my job is that it is detail-oriented — I enjoy making sure all the little things are correct. I also like that my coworkers have the same attention to detail, which makes my job even more enjoyable. My favorite foods are pizza and soft pretzels. One thing I love doing in my free time is figure skating, which I have been doing for about 7 years. I skate as much as I can. I also like hiking and doing anything outdoors. A movie I recently enjoyed was The Jungle Book.


Amanda Hoffman


I joined Beech Tree Trading in 2016 as an administrative assistant with a focus on advertising and currently hold the position of Chief Operating Officer. I also designed our website and work on streamlining our product listings and office processes. I love the flexibility of the work we do. No two days are exactly the same and I love that we are a team with open communication and the freedom to express our ideas for growth. My favorite food is pickles and in my spare time I enjoy gardening, cooking, blogging and running with my dog, Mozzarella. I recently enjoyed the movie Wonder Woman.


Zach Schober


I joined Beech Tree Trading in 2016, and I currently hold the position of packager/truck driver fill-in. I also worked on removing and building new shelving in our original work area. Two aspects I love about the job are working with great people, and the very fun and enjoyable work environment. My favorite food is pizza, in my spare time I am a CrossFit athlete and I recently have seen and enjoyed the movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2.