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In 2012, Christine Gable was looking for a new home for hundreds of books after a major home clean out. How could she find people who actually wanted these titles and might also be willing to pay for them? Frustrated after multiple trips around town to local bookshops and a Subaru still loaded down with boxes of heavy books, a family friend suggested selling them online.

The lightning fast sales of those used books online — on Amazon — changed her life forever.

Opening her mind to the infinite opportunities in connecting people with products, Christine started test selling her favorite Lancaster County snack foods. Combining her love of authentic products from local businesses with high quality, well priced listings, the business quickly outgrew its basement start-up space and moved to a commercial warehouse.

Having survived the sacrifices and commitments required to keep a small business alive, she knows the true value of teamwork, respect, authenticity and shopping local. Christine is dedicated to small businesses, the backbone of America. She is also the founder of Lancaster County Vending, Vintage Candy Shop, and FindYourSeller.

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