Graphic with cell phone showing e-commerce symbols - chopping cart, credit card, shopping bag, etc.

When it comes to e-commerce, it’s pretty common knowledge that online shopping isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But Amazon takes the cake when it comes to serving their customers and it shows!

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Conveyor belt with Amazon boxes rolling down it

Welcome back! Now that we’ve covered some common Amazon terminology in the first part of this blog post back in December, we’re going to delve a little deeper and define a few more terms you will come across when selling on

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An assortment of boxes with prime shipping tape on them

Starting to sell on Amazon, whether as a company looking to build a third-party business on Amazon or as a brand with products to launch on the popular e-commerce platform, is an exciting avenue for anyone with a dream of reaching the company’s 300 million+ customer base. But for many sellers and brands alike, understanding […]

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Grocery Store Shelves Full of Products

Inevitably, whether a brand chooses it or not, their products will end up on Amazon. This is an unfortunate truth as Amazon represents one of the largest third-party selling platforms in the world. One of the key ways that third-party sellers establish themselves on Amazon is by finding products that they love and/or products that […]

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"Together We Create" Painted on a Brick Wall

One of the first things our clients ask when we sit down together for a conversation about their e-commerce strategy, and more specifically their Amazon strategy, is:   “What is a Brand Representative?”   Every brand we work with has had a different experience with e-commerce. Whether you are new to selling on Amazon, confused about the platform, […]

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