Delivery man carrying packages to car

Amazon Gets Creative in their Delivery Options

It’s no surprise these days when Amazon, an e-commerce giant that makes headlines on almost a daily basis, launches a new feature to improve their already superb customer service. But this week they came out with something that even Amazon supporters like Beech Tree Trading couldn’t have predicted: deliveries directly to your car!

Now, in a select 37 cities and for certain car models, you can have an Amazon delivery person bring your packages right to your car and lock them in your trunk. How impressive is that!

Imagine… ordering from Amazon on your lunch break and then, when closing time comes around – having your purchase already in your trunk! Talk about a time saver.

Heart shaped balloons in an SUV trunk

This new delivery option will likely need some time to work out a few kinks, including gaining the trust of customers since this may not be for everyone. But if you’re looking for convenient purchasing options from an online retailer – from drones, to cubicles, to lockers, your porch, inside your house and now inside your car – Amazon’s got you covered.

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