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What is a Brand Representative?

One of the first things our clients ask when we sit down together for a conversation about their e-commerce strategy, and more specifically their Amazon strategy, is:


“What is a Brand Representative?”


Every brand we work with has had a different experience with e-commerce. Whether you are new to selling on Amazon, confused about the platform, have had a less-than-ideal experience, or you are a seasoned professional when it comes to e-commerce sales, a Brand Representative is someone who can help guide you in every step of the process.


Because of the wide array of individual company needs and desires, we offer several different options and services. For some companies, having a Brand Representative is just simply having a designated seller listing and selling their products on Amazon.


For other companies, we function as an educator, answering questions about how Amazon works and helping them to strategize the best plan for their brand in tackling this growing consumer audience.


But for most companies, Beech Tree Trading defines being a Brand Representative as being a comprehensive partner who invests in building and maintaining brand integrity on the world’s largest product search engine. This means we work with brands to either build or “clean up” their presence on Amazon.


"Together We Create" Painted on a Brick Wall


We help brands build a high-quality Amazon presence by:


  • Launching new products and creating product listings with beautiful photos, eye-catching descriptions and keywords targeted for pay-per-click advertising
  • Streamlining a brand’s existing product listings and tackling any issues with existing third party sellers
  • Registering trademarks and designing brand pages with enhanced brand content through the brand registry
  • Communicating with Amazon consumers on what they expect from a product, answering any questions they have, and relaying their suggestions directly to the brands we represent
  • Educating our brands not only on how Amazon works and what we do, but also on how their Amazon sales compliment their existing online presence
  • Providing popular set configurations and niche-products to stand out in an ever-changing, highly competitive marketplace – all while adhering to Amazon’s strict policies


We place the highest value upon brand integrity and consumer confidence. One of the best parts of our work is being able to work directly with brands to maximize the impact of their Amazon presence.


As a Brand Representative, we help our clients tap into the potential of Amazon by working together to strengthen their existing product listings and create new product listings that appeal to their expanding market. After all, targeting Amazon’s 300+ million (and counting) customer base often requires a myriad of approaches.


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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to selling on Amazon


A number of our brands not only have a relationship with Amazon’s own Vendor Central to sell cases of product but also have their own online stores to supplement these bulk product sales. We work to fill the niche in between these two platforms and help to increase sales by offering multi-packs and variety packs. Since we have the ability to package and test different configurations to find the “sweet spot” for highest customer demand, we have even launched product sets in response to customer inquiries for items not locally available in their region.


For example, if one of our brands has an online store where they sell single units of their products and they sell cases of 12 to Amazon, we can help them to list and launch 2-packs, 3-packs and larger variety sets to tap into what their customers are looking for.


What are the benefits of having a Brand Representative?


Since there is no overlap in sales between the three “stores” (Amazon direct, a Brand’s online store, and our niche-listings), this results in a number of benefits for our brands:


  1. It increases a brand’s product sales as a whole.
  2. It increases brand awareness in the e-commerce space – Amazon is called the world’s largest product search engine because over 55% of consumers now start their shopping searches on Amazon.
  3. It gives brands a direct connection to their Amazon consumers, not only to highlight what products they are purchasing, but also to tap into what the perceptions are of the brand as a whole.




When Beech Tree Trading becomes a company’s Brand Representative on Amazon, we provide them with an open channel to address all of their Amazon concerns. We work with them to register their trademark with the Brand Registry, which grants them access to Amazon’s exclusive brand-registered only programs, and we start tackling any third-party seller issues. This means addressing unauthorized sellers, identifying incorrect brand representation, and ensuring all pictures and information are updated accurately.


Brand integrity is key


We know that companies invest a lot of time, money, and energy into developing their following and creating an image of what their company and products represent. Having too many unauthorized sellers representing them on Amazon can be detrimental to a brand’s presence across the internet and offline. We work with brands to navigate these issues and form an e-commerce strategy that is primed for consistent change and growth as Amazon continues to serve over 300 million customers.


Having a Brand Representative does not mean designating one company as a sole reseller on all online platforms. For Beech Tree Trading, it means forming an open, continually developing, and mutually beneficial relationship with the brands that we represent so that we can always serve their needs, and by extension their customers’ needs, on Amazon.


How to get started:


If you or someone you know needs a Brand Representative to navigate the Amazon platform, we invite you to reach out to us. Getting started with Beech Tree Trading is as simple as sending an email and filling out a questionnaire to determine what your company needs and the best way for you to grow your online presence. We are here to support you and your brand. Our knowledge of Amazon, along with our passion for finding and representing quality products, is what Beech Tree Trading is all about.


Stay tuned for more content outlining what we do and how we can help your company grow! For more information, feel free to email info@beechtreetrading.com or reach out through our contact us page on our website.


Thanks for reading!

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