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We are more than your typical retailer.

Maintaining the integrity of your brand is our number one priority. With over 300 million customers* (and growing by the day), we help you tap into a ready-made customer base. We make it easy to sell on Amazon.com by handling the before, during, and after responsibilities for every brand we support. We handle the stringent packaging and warehouse shipping requirements, the creation of product listings, the establishment of pricing guidelines and advertising, and the adherence to all terms and conditions of the Amazon.com marketplace.

Do you face any of these problems / issues?

  • You want to reach more online customers
  • Your brand has a presence on Amazon, but the product listings were not created by your company
  • You’d like to sell your product on Amazon, but don’t know how to meet the strict warehouse requirements for Fulfillment By Amazon
  • You’re not sure how listings are created and optimized with keywords on the Amazon marketplace
  • You would like a dedicated e-commerce specialist to handle your Amazon presence
  • You sell products to a third party seller on Amazon but would like to have control over how your brand and product listings are portrayed
  • You’re curious what the best keywords are to put your products in front of the right people
  • You want to advertise on Amazon, but are puzzled about how to set up Amazon’s sponsored advertising campaigns to target the right customers
  • You have product photos, but don’t know what product photos are acceptable on product page listings
  • You want to have keyword-rich and Search Engine Optimized bullet points and descriptions on your Amazon listings


We work directly with brands on Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) to establish fair prices online and assist with the Brand Registry. The Brand Registry helps protect the listings, pictures, pricing and brand reputation for your products. Brand reputation makes up a significant portion of a company’s overall market value. We aim to not only maintain your reputation but to add value to it with customer-centric service that showcases your products in the best possible light.

We don’t just sell your products, we embrace them.


We forge long-lasting relationships, strengthen your brand, and expand your customer base. We grow with you by growing the presence of your brand online and helping you to find more loyal customers. We are not defined as a third party seller, but rather as a brand representative on Amazon. Your company story and values are important to us and we want you to feel confident in your brand’s presence on Amazon.

Beech Tree Trading Packagers in Motion


So, what happens before a product reaches the Amazon.com warehouse (waiting to be shipped out to customers 24/7)?


  • The product is photographed, measured, packaged, barcoded, and dated
  • The product listing is created with optimized keywords in the title, description and bullet points
  • Targeted keywords are entered in the back end search fields to position your products higher in search results
  • Pay-per-click sponsored advertising is set up on all new-to-the-Amazon-catalog listings
  • The product is packed and shipped to the warehouse
  • Product is received by the warehouse and awaits purchasing
  • Product is shipped to the customer within 2 days of order placement
  • Customer feedback is requested on the order, product, and delivery
  • Customer service handles any issues
  • Rinse & repeat


We make it easy for your products to be on the world’s largest product search engine. From start to finish, we help put your product in front of more customers — customers who are looking for precisely what you make. We boost the heart and soul and all the hard work you’ve put into your company, helping to tap into where people are looking for your products: Amazon.com, the world’s everything store.

Call or email us today and we will show you how easy it is to work with us. It starts with us setting up a wholesale account to purchase your product and then meeting with us to determine the story you want to tell with your brand’s presence on Amazon.

*“Twenty years ago, I was driving the packages to the post office myself and hoping we might one day afford a forklift. This year [2016], we pass $100 billion in annual sales and serve 300 million customers,” said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com. “And still, measured by the dynamism we see everywhere in the marketplace and by the ever-expanding opportunities we see to invent on behalf of customers, it feels every bit like Day 1.”